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Class of 2011

East-Asian medicine is a clinical approach to health care that has been refined and honed over thousands of years. For most of that time the focus of its transmission has been the clinic, where knowledge grows organically out of experience as master practitioners pass on what they know to apprentices. We believe that a modern acupuncture program still must be grounded in the clinic.  Read a Message from the Directors




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A Cold With Complications - 2nd Year Student Translation

A Cold with Complications:  
A Case Report Using a Combination Formula of
Sang Ju [Yin]-Yin Qiao [San] (桑菊飲-銀翹散) with
Tang] (附子細辛湯) to Treat a Cold Translate [ ... ] READ MORE

Congratulations Class of 2015!

  Congratulations Class of 2015!  

Clinical Application of the Ten Formula Families with Dr. Huang

Clinical Application of the Ten Formula Families with Dr. Huang   SIOM is pleased to welcome back Dr. Huang Huang, author of Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine,  who will be lect [ ... ] READ MORE


Howard, Jessie Rey LAc

Thrive Tribe
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Jessie Rey Howard
Class of 2003
Jessie Rey received her masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine in 2003. Her approach utilizes traditional Chinese and Japanese style Acupuncture with a focus on pain relief (including sport and traumatic injury), stress management, and mood disorders. She also incorporates Chinese Medicinals, Cupping, Moxa, and Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) into the therapy. Whether your complaints are specifically related to disease, or you have symptoms caused by a hectic, stressful life, Jessie Rey's treatments restore balance, create relaxation, and move the body out of disease and into a state of well-being. She is deeply committed to educating her clients about the full spectrum of options that reside within her scope of practice.

Jessie Rey is a Seattle native. She enjoys playing in the mountains, climbing and hiking. She is passionate about the individual connection with our own bodies and nature, and this is beautifully woven into her work as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.
Jessie Rey practices at Waking Life Massage and Supply in the U-District, where her patients often have a treatment plan that includes both Acupuncture and Massage. Insurance is accepted.