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Class of 2011

East-Asian medicine is a clinical approach to health care that has been refined and honed over thousands of years. For most of that time the focus of its transmission has been the clinic, where knowledge grows organically out of experience as master practitioners pass on what they know to apprentices. We believe that a modern acupuncture program still must be grounded in the clinic.  Read a Message from the Directors




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A Cold With Complications - 2nd Year Student Translation

A Cold with Complications:  
A Case Report Using a Combination Formula of
Sang Ju [Yin]-Yin Qiao [San] (桑菊飲-銀翹散) with
Tang] (附子細辛湯) to Treat a Cold Translate [ ... ] READ MORE

Congratulations Class of 2015!

  Congratulations Class of 2015!  

Clinical Application of the Ten Formula Families with Dr. Huang

Clinical Application of the Ten Formula Families with Dr. Huang   SIOM is pleased to welcome back Dr. Huang Huang, author of Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine,  who will be lect [ ... ] READ MORE


Kurtz Russell, Andrea, L.Ac.*

Sound View Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
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Class of 2006
“In my practice of Chinese Medicine I strive to relieve the pain and suffering of my patients so that they may lead healthier, fuller, and more joyful lives. I believe that health and well-being can be achieved by means other than pharmaceuticals—with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, as well as through changes in lifestyle, diet, sleep, and exercise. I practice Chinese medicine for the whole family, treating children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.In addition to seeing patients without insurance coverage, I am a preferred provider with most medical insurances, and I also take Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims from car accidents."

Andrea graduated from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Haverford College in Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Andrea practiced Western Medicine as an Emergency Medical Technician.

•    Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine)
•    Board Certified Chinese Herbalist
•    National Association for Detox Acupuncture (NADA) certification for the treatment of addictions
•    Kang Wen Clinic Integrative Oncology Program for advanced clinical training
•    Licensed Acupuncturist in Washington State

In addition, Andrea has spent time in China at the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine taking courses and doing clinical observation in local hospitals. She also works for the People's Medical Publishing House, located in Beijing, translating Chinese medical texts into English.