Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

Community Clinic

SIOM has always been a great school for gaining a variety of clinical experiences, from the distinctive acupuncture and herbal disciplines of our preceptors & faculty, to the off-campus NADA and minority services clinics. The in-house community clinic adds another dimension to our flexibility and range as future TCM practitioners. This clinic provides another look at a non-conventional way to practice acupuncture, as well as an opportunity to serve the community. I think that, especially given the current economic hardships many of our patients face, the opening of this clinic further demonstrates SIOM's vision of making healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

Many of us plan to start community clinics as part of our practices after graduation and the SIOM community clinic gives us the opportunity to experience the model in action. We also get a chance to participate in the creation of a community model that works for us and fulfills the needs of our evolving patient community. Ultimately, the value of the clinic to students is a chance to widen our services to the greater public and at the same time to see patients who need it, more often. We have an opportunity to see evidence of clinical results, and our patients win as well, in that they have more opportunity to feel better.

SIOM's community acupuncture clinic is held on Friday afternoons at.  Up to six people are treated at a time in one large room.  Patients recline in lounge chairs and receive acupuncture at a cost of $20 per visit.  For more information, please view the clinic section of our website.