Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

The Class of 2011

Class of 2011

Top Row (left to right): Amanda Kolter, Joel Robbins, Monica Gilliam, and William Hsieh.  Bottom Row (left to right): Sarah Strafford, Jessica Bensky, Michelle Homyak, Natalie King, Nicole Sharkey, Adam Wasserman, Renee Walsh, and Kathryn Tooker

August 13th, 2011 marked the passage for the latest group of SIOM students into the beginning of their professional careers. Twelve students passed through the crucible of SIOM training and emerged ready to begin helping patients. The students chose two faculty members, Jason Robertson and Susan Scott, to address them at the graduation ceremony. These two instructors gave inspired and inspiring talks that helped the grads appreciate the meaning of their time at SIOM as well as the challenges ahead. In fact, Susan Scott and Janette Baugh even went so far as to serenade the students with a rendition of a classic Yiddish folk song remade for the Class of 2011. Sarah Strafford represented the graduates in the ceremony and spoke from the heart about their time at SIOM and how close this group of grads had become over the last 3 years. The members of the graduating class of 2011 are: Jessica Bensky, Monica Gilliam, Michelle Homyak, William Hsieh, Natalie King, Amanda Kolter, Joel Robbins, Nicole Sharkey, Sarah Strafford, Kathryn Tooker, Renee Walsh, and Adam Wasserman. Congratulations to all the grads and to their families.