Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

The Class of 2009: An Update

Greg Lewerenz, LAc, LMP, runs Foster Wellness PLLC, a private acupuncture and massage practice in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.  For more information on his clinic, please visit  Greg also volunteers at the non-profit Kang Wen Community Clinic.  And he's found time for a few old loves: gardening, reading, and sleeping.  If you're ever headed to Discovery Park for an outing, Greg's door is always open so stop in for some tea and a chat.
Leo Lok, L. Ac., has just founded Heart Spring Health Center in Lafayette, CA with his sister, Yshel.  He is currently serving the primary health care needs of a diverse community that he and Yshel have woven together in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Michael Luong, L.Ac, currently works in 3 different clinics.  His main clinic, Seattle Chinese Medicine Clinic, is located in Wallingford.  He also works in Bellevue with Diana Hester (SIOM Class of 2008) Wednesday and Friday evenings and volunteers at Kang Wen Community Clinic on Wednesday mornings.
Rosanna Marshall just returned from a 6-month journey working as a volunteer doctor in Nepal and exploring spirituality around Southeast Asia.  She is back with an open heart and a new vision of a Chinese Medicine clinic that can be accessible to all.  She is now working to make that vision a reality.  She will hopefully be practicing in Seattle, WA again in the very near future.

Lyle Pannell Harvey spent 6 months living in the Bocas del Toro area of Panama.  She and her husband ran a small acupuncture and massage business in town and at some of the local resorts.  They have spent the last 3 months working full-time at an island resort introducing many travelers to Chinese medicine for the first time.  In April, they move back to the Nashville TN area, where Lyle plans to get her doula certification and open a women's health focused practice, perhaps in conjunction with midwives and other women's health practitioners.

Maria Portnaya L.Ac., has been practicing in her private clinic since September 2009. Maria has been fortunate to treat some of the most skeptical patients: travelers! Passing-by-travelers walk into the clinic on daily basis to find out more about acupuncture, their health, and how East Asian medicine can help them achieve balance in their lives. The most common phrase that Maria hears in her office is: "I've heard so much about acupuncture, but have not tried it."  These first-time patients are often amazed at how they feel after one session. These patients always leave with an acupuncture referral for their hometown. The most fulfilling and educating experience for Maria is seeing progress and growth in her regular patients. She is enjoying patient care and the vibrant Pike Place Market! For more information your can visit or come by the Market!

Jessica Timins, L.Ac., has opened her own practice, Artemesia Healing Arts, at Stillpoint Health Associates in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. She also volunteers weekly at Kang Wen Community Clinic, which offers affordable acupuncture and East Asian Medicine to all income levels. Since finishing school, Jessica has been cooking gourmet meals at home, started running, and gotten engaged. She will become Jessica Timins Greenberg in October.