Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine


Features Of Japanese Acupuncture

Development of Japanese Acupuncture

Chinese medicine arrived in Japan through Korea in the 6th century and has been practiced for over 14 centuries. Both herbology and acupuncture have undergone some unique developments that distinguish traditional Japanese medicine from its Chinese or Korean counterparts. The acupuncture practiced in Japan today is a product of the strong influence of Western medicine starting in the 18th century. The dominant form of acupuncture practiced in Japan today is based more on the scientific model than traditional concepts.


A New Understanding of Enuresis and Urinary Incontinence

Enuresis is frequently encountered in children, while urinary incontinence is generally encountered in the elderly. Because the kidney controls urine and stool, and the urinary bladder governs restraint [of urine], our ancestors viewed these problems as being related to these organs. However, I have achieved satisfactory clinical results by treating enuresis and incontinence through the liver and the lungs.